Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloom's taxonomy and paperless education


The Solon School District is striving toward teaching and learning at higher levels of Bloom's revised taxonomy.  Many schools have been guilty for years of overloading on remembering and understanding (important skills), but lacking in the higher levels.  The Iowa Core will help us in this endeavor.

Tony Wagner wrote a great book entitled, The Global Achievement Gap.  In his book, he describes seven critical skills students will need to succeed in the 21st century.  At the top of his list are Critical Thinking and Problem-solving.  In the 21st century, organizations want students who can think and find solutions to problems (see top three tiers of Bloom's Taxonomy).  It is imperative our students are required to demonstrate these critical skills.

So how does a teacher create a lesson and assess students?  Shelly Blake-Plock has a fantastic example of teaching and assessing in a paperless method (click here).  This exam is a great example of using technology, teaching and learning at the highest levels of Bloom's taxonomy.

We have the challenge of preparing our students for a world and workforce that is changing rapidly.  Our professional development will continue to focus on analyzing data and using the Iowa Core to drive best practice in instruction.  More to come...

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