Monday, November 18, 2013

Facility Discussions

The Board of Education approved a Facility Report developed by Struxture Architects at the October 14th meeting. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of all district facilities.

The Facility Report includes a recommendation (page 19) by the architect in multiple areas including the two highest priority items:

1.  Build a new free standing Middel School on a separate site within or on the edge of Solon that will meet the needs of the District now and for the near future.

2.  Build an auditorium onto Solon High School along the back-house functions and storage.  The auditorium would be on the East end of the existing school and built adjacent to the music areas.

The Board of education discussed the results of the Facility Report at the October 14th meeting and at a Work Session on October 21st.  A second work session to discuss facilities has been scheduled for November 25th.

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  1. Yes, we definitely need a larger auditorium!!!